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AAA via our joint ventures have delivered over 23 million kg over the last 7 years of FFV grown locally here in Kenya. AAA have also imported over 2600 containers covering 80% of the dry and canned food items, including some fruits items like apples, oranges, lemons and mandarins freshly harvested from South Africa, sorted and exported within a week to Kenya and frozen items via another local Kenyan company who’s one of the biggest meat producer in East and Central Africa, having the highest international standards available in the industry.

We believe in giving back to the community as far as possible thus buying many an item locally ensuring a better life and sustainable economy for the local farmers and livestock farmers alike. Logistics also plays a large part of the African operations with clearance and transportation within Kenya currently in excess of 600 containers being transported per month (Customs bonded and un-bonded) trucking and cross border trucking to East and Central Africa. Commodity trade and project logistics too is a vital revenue stream with very large volumes of items being traded including building and construction materials and logistics support rendered to a number of hydro, solar and wind generated power projects, Railway and Road construction

A summary break down of AAA Groups current activities

AAA set up its office in Dec 2013 in the Ras Al Khaimah, Free Trade Zone, which will soon turn out to serve as the head office for the group. AAA group believes that having all the it’s individual companies across the world fly the same banner under one umbrella we will be in a position to serve better the ever changing and demanding clients and market trends. This will also enable AAA Group meet and exceed its clients expectations in all possible forms including on time and service delivery, quality and value for money. This office is also the Group’s financial hub.
The decision to expand and make it the group’s head office was also strongly influenced by Dubai having won the Expo 2020.

AAA is now strategically positioned within this global powerhouse to make use of the 2020 influx of businesses and opportunities that are on the horizon having also partnered and invested in a state of the art Business center which is within walking distance from the world’s most prestigious address “Burj Khalifa”. This business center will cater to the new businesses that are coming to Dubai and offer a complete one-stop solution including company registration, consultancy, office space and banking. AAA also has a number of JV agreements, MOU partners, exclusive agency agreements, wholesale and retail agreements within the UAE and around the globe.
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Our Expertise

Consultancy, Commodity Trade 30%
Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics 25%
AAA Safari's 30%
Property Development 15%


Global Supply Chain management with end-to-end logistics including 3PL, Multi-modal and cross border transportation, warehousing, port clearance and delivery.


Global commodity trade including trade within Africa including Fresh, Frozen and Dry food supplies to NGO’s across East and Central Africa.


Care Homes, Property, Real Estate and related development in Sri Lanka and Dubai.


Investments across Australia


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AAA Holdings is a consortium of diversified individual companies and joint venture partners across the globe.